GUNCLE/home - a web place for that outlandish character known as Guncle; doorman, entertainer, icon.

okay - that first bit was written for the sole purpose of what shows up on Google. Yes Google, I too shall drink plentiful of your Kool Aid. Hell, you have enough information about me to know what is best for me anyway.

This site of mine has been many things, mainly a means to work on my web skills, but it has also served up event listings and introductions to some very cool people that do cool things like DJ, cook and make amazing shit. Since people hired me to work the door at their parties, I used the site to help promote their events. In retrospect I really should have charged more for my services.

Presently, it is a continuation of developing those web skills using HTML5 and CSS3.

I came up with the silly idea a few months ago of writing a one man show. As a result I'm using to simply write some stories, essays and knowing myself, occasional rants. Some of the stuff I write or none of it may influence the show - all I know is that my best friend, Boobie, said I should be writing. Although I refer to him as my little brother, I adhere to his advice like he's the older, wiser one. Should he ever wish to be an aging and very minor celebrity, then I'll be the one with the pearls and pearls of wisdom, even.

All of this is very much a work in progress and all of the stories are based from my unique perspective and history. My reality isn't yours but your welcome to visit - if only so that you'll be really glad to return home.

When my one man show gets closer to being a reality then I'll probably add a bunch of stuff that people may actually have some interest in if only so that I am not performing to a crowd of four close friends. I do enough of that as it is and yet they put up with me.

Oh, and the above video has nothing to do with anything really, I just heard that the use of video has been trending in web design and I wanted to try it out for myself.

- 02.06.14 - Jersey City, NJ